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Order Xanax Cod Comments Off

Aashir Nuri has been an avid supporter of Jr. Music Executive since the summer of 2006, around the time that he was first introduced to the organization.  Since then, Aashir has volunteered at many Jr. Music Executive functions, assisted with the development of the Biz Exclusives Newsletter, and has donated his time and services to create the current Jr. Music Executive website.

A proud father, Aashir has a background in many areas that includes music production, web development, video production and Computer and Information Science.  Aashir attended undergraduate school at the University of Pittsburgh and Temple University, and currently works in the Information Technology field as an IT Professional.

Aashir’s strong passion for “Real” music is what attracted him to Jr. Music Executive.  Aashir loves to create, whether that’s through writing, producing, filming, or computer programming; he has an extensive portfolio in all of these areas.

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