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If this is your first time hearing the name of this Philadelphia producer, consider this an advance notice. With a variety of upcoming projects scheduled for release in 2010, the Soulful Hip Hop producer is sure to make an impression with what seems to be a promising career. Aashir Nuri began to experiment with the art of beating making while a student at the University of Pittsburgh. He began to gradually develop his craft while balancing music with the everyday struggles of being a broke college student. Aashir Nuri would go on to spend the next few years shopping his beat CDs to artists, A&Rs, and record labels in the music industry. Although, he came very close to getting placements with major label artists, the conversations with the artists and their management fell through. That’s when Aashir realized that shopping his beat CDs around was not the best approach to establishing himself as a producer.

Aashir’s belief in himself and his musical talents led him to make one of the toughest decisions of his life. In March of 2008, he quit his job of working for the City of Philadelphia and never looked back. Aashir recalls that “the decision to quit was not an easy one. You’re talking about a total sacrifice of stable income in exchange for unstable dreams”. That decision seems to be paying off, however. With the free time gained, Aashir was able to continue to develop his craft as a producer and take music more seriously. In addition to focusing on music, Aashir exploited his journalism and computer programming skills to create this entire website.

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