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Speaking to our times’ hopes and possibilities with evolutionary artistry and Emceeing, one way to describe his music is exceptional. A profoundly lyrical, poetic and in-depth yet conversational artist is how you will get to know Aquil through his rhymes. Aquil shows his dedication and appreciation of Hip Hop music and music in general with authenticity, honesty and lyrically fluid delivery. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa., Aquil is a lifelong admirer of music and has honed his skills, unafraid to mix genres such as the Blues, Jazz, Afro Beat, and Funk into a Hip Hop interpretation. His live shows are remarkable, leaving the crowd captivated, inspired and shouting for more.

Recording his up and coming album, tentatively titled “Traveling Light”, Aquil is in the process of gaining digital distribution and releasing his work independently. Talented producers Aashir Nuri, Y?Arcka and Writtenhouse’s producers Kush Shalimar and Chris Conway are collaborative forces on this project, which will give people a vibe that is reminiscent of classic Hip Hop, as well as a sound unheard before. Scheduled for a release in 2010, internet radio stations, blogs, and websites have expressed their excitement in promoting this album. Aquil is scheduled to go on an East Coast tour along with a College Tour to promote the album.

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Twitter @ Buy Phentermine In New Zealand



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