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Growing up Ashley Coleman thought that she would be the next Fatima Robinson. For those who don’t follow dance … just think “Remember the Time” choreography. But dance just didn’t seem like a realcareer. But music did? With no escape from her creative drive, Ashley decided to pursue music after graduating from Temple University in 2008.

A songwriter native to Philadelphia, Ashley started working in the studio very soon after graduating. Her first studio experience was with musician/producer, Donald Robinson who has worked with Rachelle Ferrell, Vanessa Williams, Gerald Veasley and a host of others. Under Donald’s guidance she began to cultivate her writing voice.

Not long after, her involvement with The Recording Academy® Philadelphia Chapter since 2006, led her to a chance meeting with GRAMMY®-nominated producer/songwriter Carvin Haggins. Soon after their meeting Ashley co-wrote a record with him. “Just a Man,” which landed with independent artist from the DMV area, Paula Campbell. The song has been performed at various shows across the country and its video received thousands of YouTube views.

Following a pattern of being in the right place at the right time, Ashley later met Dilemma of Hello World Music at an event in Philadelphia. It was her penning of an unreleased song called “Good Morning Love” that solidified a musical kinship. Since then, Ashley and Dilemma have created a multitude of music together. In 2011, they released a single “I’m in Love” on iTunes, which received heavy club play and even spins on Hot 107.9 Philly. Musical Chairs, the highly anticipated EP includes tracks all penned by Ashley and will drop later this year. Ashley is also the Membership Coordinator for the Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy.


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