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On Monday, April 4, 2011, the students of Overbrook High School, who displayed superior attendance, were surprised with unexpected visitors. Students were filled with excitement when Philadelphia native rapper, Freeway walked into the school library. Freeway, performed his smash hit, “Flipside” and he spoke to the students about success, through hard work and determination. The next visitor, Marsha Ambrosius, who is known for her hit single, “Faraway”, blessed the students with her soulful voice. Marsha was in Philadelphia to promote the “Music Matters” tour. She expressed the importance of individuality and not being afraid to go after your wildest dreams. The last artist to surprise the students was songstress, Melanie Fiona, who was full of energy and “down to earth”. The students enjoyed a Q&A session and even a duet with the artist. It was an eventful day with a positive message. “I left with confidence knowing, if they could be successful, then so can I” said Sharnell Barnett, a senior at Overbrook High school.

Story by: Lacey Gilbert
Photos: Danielle Lott

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