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19 Nov 2011

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16 Nov 2011

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City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program: Photography Intern Mural Arts seeks a motivated photography student to assist in capturing photojournalism shots of events, mural dedications, tours and speaker series. This intern will also be asked to periodically capture landscapes of new murals and shoot portraiture imagery for specific campaigns and will work with the marketing […]

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08 Nov 2011

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Tuesday, Nov.1, 2011, DC rapper Wale released the much anticipated Ambition album. This marks his second album as an artist–mixtapes not taken into the equation–but his first since signing with Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group. Its no doubt that his fan following has been waiting for Wale to deliver. In August, he released a […]

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14 Aug 2011

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14 Aug 2011

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Story by: Lacey Gilbert Photos: Bruce “Cincere” Dixon On July 12, 14-year old, singer and dancer Jacob Latimore performed at the YMCA in North Philadelphia, for a group of camp students and signed autographs for the youngsters. Following the performance he did a series of interviews at TheVilla, on Broad and Thompson streets. Q. How […]

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23 Jun 2011

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Photos: Britney Marcel Story by: Ashley Coleman The Biz Exclusives caught up with Will Lewis and Brandon Long, the creators of the Cupcake Collection. Their T-shirt line with bold and bright colors is just in time for the summer. All the shirts are limited editions, so if you see a design you like, definitely grab […]

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04 May 2011

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On Monday, April 4, 2011, the students of Overbrook High School, who displayed superior attendance, were surprised with unexpected visitors.

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07 Apr 2011

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I remember being handed a CD with the name “Gilbere Forte” scribbled on it in Sharpie pen a few years ago and thinking “How do you pronounce this?” Now I’ve heard the name so much that I’m a pro!

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08 Mar 2011

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1. Paying a Lawyer/Retainer There are three common ways to pay a lawyer. These are usually referred to as fee agreements. Lawyers usually charge 1) by the hour, 2) a flat fee or 3) a contingency fee. We will not discuss the third option because it is usually used in only personal injury cases. When […]

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