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Soma 350 Mg Reviews

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Bunmi Samuel is an educator, organizer, and entrepreneur from New York City, residing in Philadelphia for 15 years. He attended Temple University where he was tri-major in Psychology, African Studies, and Education. As a business man he has been actively involved in advising businesses, political actionaries, and entrepreneurs in local and national communities.


As an organizer, Bunmi Samuel has worked with communities throughout Philadelphia and New York City on a wide range of issues within Urban Education, Land Acquisition, Weighted Student Funding, the Drop Out Crisis among Latino and African American Males, Fair Housing Policy, and Organizational Leadership. He has developed curriculum to address challenges in Youth Leadership, Community Participatory Action, and Organizational Management. As a lover of community and city development, Bunmi Samuel is focused on building capacity in start up organizations like Jr. Music Executives, Blues Babe Foundation, and smaller community based institutions on the rise. Additionally, his civic passion motivates him to start groups like Movers & Shakers, Inc. and the Coalition for the Revitalization of William Penn High School (CRWP). In his day-to-day work, he serves as the Director of a civic education and leadership development program-Philadelphia Freedom Schools and company owner of Boombastics, Inc. A brand development group.


Bunmi Samuel has a special affinity for Junior Music Executive as he serves as the Chairman of the Board. The Jr. Music Executive resonates with Mr. Samuel for its attention to music and media as a connection to learning. Jr. Music Executive is a cutting edge program that can span various age groups adolescent to adult. It delves into one of the most sought after, history impacting, and mysterious industries of the day, the music business. Since birth Bunmi Samuel has been exposed to music, theater, and programming through his family business- The National Black Theater and the International African Arts Festival, both staple institutions in New York City.


In his spare time, he teaches courses in leadership development, musical and Performance Theater, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and health/wellness. In his leisure he enjoys acting, teaching, competitive basketball, mentoring youth, traveling, and designing elements of public culture- sneakers, campaigns, and program innovations.


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