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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JME Record-A-Thon: 12 hours of recording with industry professionals and over 50 area youth. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 8, 2013 On February 1, 2014 Jr. Music Executive will present the youth of Philadelphia who have a passion for music with the gift of free studio time, help with songwriting, production advice, instrumental […]

Buy Zepose Valium

Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills Online

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MEDIA CONTACT: FAWN RENEE 202.427.5129 “RISE AND SHINE” FOR A POWER BREAKFAST WITH JR. MUSIC EXECUTIVE AND FRIENDS! [PHILADELPHIA, PA| March 25, 2013]- Jr. Music Executive announces a special fundraising initiative- “Rise and Shine,” a power breakfast to benefit the Jr. Music Executive’s D.I.Y. Music Momentum Campaign. The event will take place […]

Buy Phentermine In New Zealand

Order Xanax Legally Online

If you live for music and want to have a career in the entertainment industry as a singer, rapper, musician, producer, journalist, or music executive this is the perfect opportunity for you. Jr. Music Executive is now accepting applications for the JME/Allegheny West Program. The program is open to all high school students in Philadelphia. […]

Buy Alprazolam Eu

Klonopin Yellow

Please check back regularly for project updates, audition dates, workshop information, and more. PHILLY HIP-HOP LEGACY PROJECT SHOWCASE AND SOUNDTRACK AUDITIONS: Friday, March 30th (5:00pm) and Saturday, March 31st (12:00pm) 2233 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19132 Looking for Hip-Hop and R&B Artists No Profanity. Be Creative. Bring your music on CD or iPod For […]

Buy Alprazolam Pills

Buy Soma Watson Brand Online

Khemist Featured in the MixDown Cypher airing on Fuse’s “Hip Hop Shop” LIVE Season Finale on November 30th and Nominated for Hip Hop Awards 2011 “Lyricist of the Year”

Buy Adipex 37.5

Buy Lorazepam Mastercard

Jr. Music Executive wants aspiring music artists and executives to know the rich tradition and musical history of Philadelphia and its influence on Hip-Hop as they create their own path. We will launch a year long project that begins in Los Angeles, CA this February. You can help. Join the project, donate, or spread the word.

Lorazepam Buy Online Uk

Buy Diazepam Uk Paypal

It’s not too late to get your tickets to the 4th Annual Villa Holiday Classic on Sunday, January 2nd. We have sold out of the tickets Jr. Music Executive was selling, but you can still get tickets at the door.

Buy Cheap Phentermine 37.5

Buy Brand Name Klonopin

The Blues Babe Foundation, founded by Grammy Award winning singer Jill Scott, has the perfect holiday gift that gives back! Purchase an indigo t-shirt or handmade journal today at Buy Xanax Medication Online or Duafe Holistic Hair Care and support Camp Jill Scott, Music in the Classrooms, Clean Up Projects, and scholarships for area youth.

Buy Valium With Credit Card

Order Generic Ambien

SHOP FOR A CAUSE… Villa partners with Jr. Music Executive May 28 – 31, 2010 to help send students to Kidult Youth Leadership conference in New York City

Buy Phentermine Usa Online