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Glorious Smallz is a young artist that has been in the industry for over 6 years cultivating his style. Smallz started out in Texas as a listener to up and coming artist that his father had singed to his independent label. The label had singed a P&D deal with Universal but soon found out that they had limited options. Smallz had witnessed his father disappointment with opening acts not being dedicated and loyal to the label. It was then when Smallz had deiced he would take his love for hip hop and force his father to take action. Glorious Smallz at that point started researching different artist and utilizing what he learned to make him a well rounded artist. One of Smallz’s biggest obstacles was not to let the industry steal his urban appeal, Smallz is a young man from the inner city and he has friends that have suffered abuse and even lost siblings from the street violence. Smallz decided to became an activist and start talking about what he has witnessed growing up in the inner city.



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