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Story by: Lacey Gilbert
Photos: Bruce “Cincere” Dixon

On July 12, 14-year old, singer and dancer Jacob Latimore performed at the YMCA in North Philadelphia, for a group of camp students and signed autographs for the youngsters. Following the performance he did a series of interviews at TheVilla, on Broad and Thompson streets.

Buy Phentermine In New ZealandQ. How did you get discovered?

A. I started singing at 3 years old. Singing was in my family. My father and uncle are in a gospel group called the Latimore Brothers. I got my start with Crown World Entertainment and from there I landed offers from Epic and Jive. The two labels fought for me, and I decided to go with Jive records in the end. But I am still on the road and working to get where I want to be.

Q. How has your daily life changed and do you enjoy all the fame and attention?

A. I do enjoy it but I also stay level headed. I am not just in it for the fame, I like that I’m doing what I love to do. I just mainly want to show my talents. Having the girls chase me is good too. What 14-year old boy would not like that? I do miss my privacy sometimes but it’s going to pay off in the long run.

Q. How’s School?

I get home schooled, through the school year and the summer. I also have good grades, all A’s and B’s. I sometimes wonder if I’m missing out though. But everyone that’s older tells me that I’m really not missing out and that what I’m doing is better. It’s like the whole country is my school.

Q. Who is the most exciting person that you met, so far?

A. The most exciting person that I meet so far was Chris Brown. I went to introduce myself to him and I was surprised that he already knew who I was!

Q. Is there anyone you would like to work with?
I really want to work with my peers. It’s so many people out here my age, that’s really doing their thing. I would also like to work with the icons such as Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Q. What is your advice, for any other kid trying to make it?
Keep God first, listen to your parents and don’t just sit around and wait for things to happen!

9 Responses to “Jacob Latimore”

  1. tyrah thompson says:

    I Am Really Like Diging You Jacob In I Wish I Could Chase You I Only Seen You Once But I Was Really Looking Forward To Seein You At The Rave But Something Came Up So I Didnt Come So I Hope You Come To Milwakee Again You Home Town You Probaly Want Rember Me But I Use Write On Wall Two Times A day I So Adicted You Love You Jacob Your # 1 fAN Tyrah LUV YOU JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. melanie williams says:

    thats awesome! im one of those kids that are tryying to make it and know i know that if i set my mind to it and keep god first and not just sit around waiting for things to happen! thank you!

  3. Klonopin Yellow says:

    i just hope one day i will meet u and maybe we can do a song together

  4. aliah says:

    What do you do if someone is holding you back on chasing your dreams,slighting you telling you,you can’t do it and ruining your confidence? Also. ripping apart your heart by telling you your a horrible Singer,and that persons your mom!!!

  5. aliah says:

    I realy want to be a Singer, but my mom keeps saying it cost a lot of money.But sometimes I cry looking at all the the Celebes who have made it and are successful. Like you.And I found this awesome website that helps you become what you want to be I’m scared to enter because I dont want my mom to spend soooo much money.What do I do?

  6. aliah says:

    Q.Sorry I forrgot to put the beginning of my two quiestions,.Anyway,are you a only child.

  7. aliah says: did you and doggy come up with that BEUTIFUL song you got me know?I love that song it is so sweat.And when I listen to it. it lites up my world and I can’t stop playing it.I see all kinds of colors and images,it just makes me cry

  8. aliah says:

    I mean diggy

  9. Amber Glynn says:

    hi my name is amber and my question is how can you do something you truely love and work hard at it ?
    I also wanted to say was that I too want to become singer and dance. my grandpa always tell me do something you
    Love and dont something you dont love
    One day it will come and I am not going to stop

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Buy Brand Name Klonopin