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Aisha Winfield

Jr. Music Executive Announces New Board Members

Philadelphia, PA — January 30, 2017 — Jr. Music Executive announces the appointment of four new members of the Board of Directors for 2017.

Joining the board are Philip Campbell, Melody Forrester, Deneia Freeman and Jodie Riccelli. “We are thrilled to have a Board of Directors that will be active in the growth and capacity building of our organization. They are all very passionate about the success of our youth and the communities we serve”, Aisha Winfield, Executive Director.

Philip Campbell is a faculty member at Cabrini University. Campbell earned a bachelor’s in political science at Villanova University, a post-baccalaureate certification in elementary education at Cabrini College, a master’s in educational leadership and curriculum supervision at St. Joseph’s University, and a doctorate of education in reading, writing and literacy at the University of Pennsylvania.

Melody Forrester is the Owner and CEO at Artists First Records. As a manager and entertainment attorney, she has over twenty years of litigation experience with major law firms, including trial practice, and she is skilled in the management and representation of recording artists, musicians, music producers, screenwriters, film and television producers, directors, actors, poets, visual artists and professional athletes.

Deneia Freeman is an alumni of the Jr. Music Executive Internship Program and St. John’s University with a passion for identifying consumer motivations and building communities.  As Manager of Urban/Pop College Marketing at Sony Music Entertainment she leads a team of 25+ national college marketing reps across 20+ markets and oversee their execution of marketing and promotional campaigns utilizing both grassroots and traditional marketing tactics.

Jodie Riccelli is a Client Strategist at WebDevStudios and COO/Co-Owner of Exponent Entertainment. A graduate of Millersville University, Jodie brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience to WebDevStudios. Entrepreneurs in the real estate, music, technology, and education industries have recognized her marketing expertise and ability to restructure and systemize businesses.

Jr. Music Executive empowers youth to strengthen their communities and connect to their passions by exposing them to careers in music. We provide mentors, teach transferable entertainment industry skills, and create safe environments that encourage creative expression.

For more information about Jr. Music Executive call 215-935-9JME (9563) or visit www.jrmusicexec.com.


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