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Philly vs. NY in 4 Basketball Games, with 3 Performances, on the 2nd Day of the New Year to Raise Money for the 1 and Only Jr. Music Executive

It’s a new year and we have something fun for you to do. The 4th Annual Villa Holiday Classic at the Palestra (235 S. 33rd Street) is guaranteed to be a good time. Doors open at 11am on January 2nd with Philly vs. NYC in 4 Great High School Basketball Games.
Noon: Dobbins vs. Bishop Loughlin (NYC)
1:45 PM: Imhotep vs. Boys and Girls (NYC)
3:30 PM: Penn Wood vs. Rice (NYC)
5:30 PM: Neumann Goretti vs. Christ the King (NYC)

Imhotep ranked #28 nationally and defending Philly Public League champion Boys and Girls ranked #18 nationally and defending NYC Public League champion
Neumann Goretti defending Philly Catholic League champion
Christ the King ranked #6 and defending NYC Catholic champion

There are also performances by Shamira (singing the National Anthem), Diggy Simmons, and Young Money’s Tyga.

Jr. Music Exec had a limited number of tickets for sale to raise money for their Spring internship program and airline tickets for students to attend pre-GRAMMY events in Los Angeles, CA this February. Thank you to everyone that supported the fundraiser. Additional donations will be accepted throughout the month of January.

Stay tuned… 2011 will be filled with opportunities to perform, learn about the music business, and meet industry executives; but tomorrow is nothing but fun.

Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills Online for the Villa Holiday Classic facebook event page.

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