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If you live for music and want to have a career in the entertainment industry as a singer, rapper, musician, producer, journalist, or music executive this is the perfect opportunity for you. Jr. Music Executive is now accepting applications for the JME/Allegheny West Program. The program is open to all high school students in Philadelphia. An information session will be held on Saturday, January 12th at 2233 N. Broad Street from 11am – 1pm for all interested students. Apply today at Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills Online and be eligible for 3 hours of studio time.

College students and recent graduates, don’t feel left out. We are accepting applications for our Spring 2013 Internship Program until January 22, 2013. For more information visit Buy Phentermine In New Zealand.

One Response to “JME Now Accepting Applications”

  1. Emanuel Korlewala says:

    Being that i missed out on the great opportunity for the Spring internship, I wanted to know you offered summer internships. Thank you

Buy Valium With Mastercard Online

Buy Alprazolam Eu