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“How you like me now? I go blaow… makin every ghetto foul. I might have took your first child, scarred your life, crippled your style. I gave you power. I made you buck wild.” (Nas, 1996) When Nas released It Was Written in 1996, he was unaware that eight years later, 12 year old Terence Oliver would take one listen to “I Gave You Power” and it would change his life forever. It was Nas’ first person narrative from the perspective of a gun that inspired Terence, who we know as Khemist, to begin writing poetry.  Growing up in the heart of North Philadelphia, Khemist was not oblivious to the poverty, crime, and misfortune around him. Unlike many of his peers, he steered clear of the streets and used writing as his escape from the madness.
A graduate of The Academy at Palumbo High School and recipient of Jr. Music Executive’s  2010 Diamond in the Rough Award; Khemist has shared the stage with artist such as Rick Ross, Wale, Freeway, Meek Mill, Chrisette Michele, Talib Kweli, and many more. His debut album Puzzle Pieces was recorded and released in August 2011 with super-producer Dilemma of Hello World Music at the world renowned Sigma Sound Studio.  Less than a year later, while completing his sophomore year at Hampton University, Khemist released D2WR.  Death to Wack Rappers (D2WR) is a flawless compilation of raw emotion and authentic rhymes, void of gimmicks and fabrications.  The D2WR mixtape is hosted by Black Thought of the legendary Roots with guest vocals by Jay Electronica, Black Ice, Selina Carrera, Hezekiah, and a host of others.

With soul music patterning the beat of his heart, hip-hop guiding his hand and Philadelphia on his mind; Khemist is a writer, an artist, and a voice that will be heard. Check out Buy Zepose Valium for his music.

Twitter: Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills Online      Youtube: Buy Phentermine In New Zealand     Facebook:Order Xanax Legally Online

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