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Please check back regularly for project updates, audition dates, workshop information, and more.

Buy Zepose Valium


Friday, March 30th (5:00pm) and
Saturday, March 31st (12:00pm)

2233 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132

Looking for Hip-Hop and R&B Artists
No Profanity. Be Creative.
Bring your music on CD or iPod

For more info about auditions or the project contact or 626-470-7445.

The Philadelphia Hip-Hop Legacy Project is based on the past, present and future of Hip Hop in
Philadelphia. Designed to show our audience the ethnicity, culture, development and popularity of hip hop; The Philadelphia Hip-Hop Legacy Project will span across three major decades displaying all of the major contributions made from the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia is known for good music. Musicians, DJs, Singers, Rappers, and Executives abound in the city. The Philadelphia Hip-Hop Legacy Project aims to ensure young aspiring artists and executives know the rich tradition and musical history of Philadelphia and it’s global influence on Hip-Hop as they create their own pathways to success.

Students (the emcee/journalist, the dancer, and the filmmaker) from Philadelphia were selected to document their experience traveling to Los Angeles, CA to attend the GRAMMY Foundation’s 13th Annual Music Preservation Project “Word Revolution, a Celebration of the Evolution of Hip Hop,” with Musical Director… none other than Philadelphia’s own Adam Blackstone. To view a preview of the LA Trip visit Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills Online.

• Short Film (20 minutes) by students to highlight the progression and future of Philly Hip-Hop
• Compilation CD created by students that audition and participate in Philly Hip-Hop Bootcamp
• Event to showcase the talented students selected for the compilation and to view the film

Do you love Hip-Hop? Are you a youth between the ages of 15 and 25? Do you work with youth? Do you have a background in media literacy or youth engagement? Do you have an extensive knowledge of Philadelphia’s music history? We are looking for students, artists, historians, and others to contribute to the project. If you are interested in being a volunteer, mentor, or program partner please contact Aisha Winfield at 267-639-5917.

Throughout the year youth from various organizations across the city of Philadelphia will be invited to use media to help us document the legacy of Philadelphia Hip-Hop; contributions of Philadelphia musicians, DJs, recording artist, and executives; and their influence on Hip-Hop globally.

Follow us on twitter: Buy Phentermine In New Zealand
Like us o Facebook: Order Xanax Legally Online

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