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JME will receive $1 from every ticket sold at 100.3 The Beat Philly Home Jamz Live Concert

For just $10 you can see performances by Jr. Music Executive’s own Khemist

along with Meek Millz, Gillie Da Kid, Freeway, Hezekiah, Mike Knox, Daddy-O, Teff,
Chill Moody, Jalil Beatz, Sap Da Beatman, and more.

100.3 The Beat Philly Home Jamz Live

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


1003 Arch Street

(10th & Arch)

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Doors open at 9:00pm

Hosted by DJ Touch Tone & Izzo

Tickets are $10 on sale now. Buy Zepose Valium and buy your ticket today!!!

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