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Photos: Britney Marcel
Story by: Ashley Coleman

The Biz Exclusives caught up with Will Lewis and Brandon Long, the creators of the Cupcake Collection. Their T-shirt line with bold and bright colors is just in time for the summer. All the shirts are limited editions, so if you see a design you like, definitely grab it fast! Lewis describes the significance of the cupcake as a sign of celebration. Both Lewis and Long believe that concept is what the brand represents.

“The brand is an expression of enjoying life itself,” Lewis explains.

Lewis and Long started out as friends and decided to go into business with one another, stressing the importance of having a business partnership with someone you can trust and be honest with in making decisions. Lewis and long split the responsibilities of marketing and promotion for the brand. Although Lewis often sketches designs, they often find themselves changing roles.

Buy Phentermine In New ZealandFashion and music can both directly reflect your mood and emotions according to Lewis and Long. The relationship between music and fashion is age old. One has always influenced the other. Lewis and Long have of course considered using it as a marketing tool with artists such as Monique Baines, an R&B singer from New York that expressed an interest in the brand.

With fashion influences of Pharell Williams, Miles Davis, and Kanye West to name a few … their styles range from Long’s classic jean jackets and sweaters to Lewis’ trendy cut-offs and bright colors.

In the coming months, Lewis and Long hope to continue expanding into designs for men, bolder and brighter colors and even another collection, Presidential Fashion. They are also looking to partner with other upcoming brands including designers that make handbags, sneakers, belts and other accessories.

Also be on the lookout for their documentary “Diary of an Entrepreneur,” where they take you inside their everyday hustle and bustle.

The entrepreneurs are looking to begin selling their shirts at the Piazza sidewalk sales before the end of summer. You can find the shirts through their personal facebook and twitter pages. Follow them @WilliamLprezz and @BrandonJLong for updates on the Cupcake Collection.

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