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Tuesday, Nov.1, 2011, DC rapper Wale released the much anticipated Ambition album. This marks his second album as an artist–mixtapes not taken into the equation–but his first since signing with Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group.

Its no doubt that his fan following has been waiting for Wale to deliver. In August, he released a mixtape entitled Eleven. One. Eleven to draw momentum for what should be considered his best work to date.

On the day of the album release, Twitter was in a frenzy and all talk was about #Ambition. So is it safe to say that this was definitely a winner among the growing empire of MMG? After Meek Mill, does Wale got next in this music camp?

Its clear to see what the fan favs are– and once you hear the tracks, its obvious why. On the top of the list of the 15 track disc is album title track “Ambition” featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross. But that only makes sense, right?

Its hard not to relate to the ‘flight or fight’ concept introduced throughout the album’s entirety.

“Took my heart away from money. I ain’t interested in fame. And I pray that never change. Ambition is priceless. Something that’s in your veins. And I put that on my name.”

“No Days Off” co-signs that same mantra.

With relate-able tracks to all, this only confirms Wale is a contender in this rap world.

“Lotus Flower Bomb” featuring singer Miguel settles in the heart with the ladies speaking of a developing romance between guy and girl. A rap ‘love song’ always seals the deal with the female fans. & there are quite a few on this album; “Sabotage” ft Lloyd and “That Way” featuring Jeremih and Rick Ross.

Rounding the top picks picks have to be “Legendary,” Illest B****” and “Slight Work” featuring Big Sean which up beat tempo makes it hard to not play it on repeat over and over again. Same goes for “Chain Music”

The album is a good buy and a good listen but not as blazing hot as expected. The songs don’t disappoint but there are only a handful of bangers. But a solid B in my music grade book. Have a listen. I still have it in constant rotation since its release. I definitely love you for your ambition Wale! DC or nothing ;)

Written By Ashley Precia

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