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WyldLyfe is a group of individual artists (Ty Ward, Chess, C. Poole), each maintaining his own unique style. WyldLyfe stands for unified diversity. Under this platform, each artist explores his own progression as it fuels the larger animal. It all revolves around the well-known phenomenon that, in complex structures, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. WyldLyfe is the place for your inner animal, those inner passions and pursuits, to run wild and live free. Defying genre, WyldLyfe flows easily between musical styles ranging from hip-hop, to pop, to rock and R&B.
This versatile group has played a range of venues including The Apollo Theatre in Harlem, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, and The China Club in Times Square.
WyldLyfe has opened for a variety of artists including Grammy winner Lupe Fiasco, “The New Age Mashup King” DJ Girl Talk, Hidden Beach recording artists Kindred The Family Soul, 5x Grammy nominee Jazmine Sullivan, and Miami rapper Trina.
In 2012, WyldLyfe will release their full length Mixtape “Year of the Crossover”, featuring production by Dilemma (HelloWorld Music), MPIII, Flux Pavilion and Soop Da Producer, with appearances by alternative hip hop artist/actress Lee Mekhai, and rising Philly emcee Khemist.
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